Event Organizing

Kansas City's Trashboat Regatta
The Trashboat Regatta is an annual float race down the mighty Missouri river every summer in Kansas City.  We are a collective of diy boat builders and bike wing-nuts who enjoy repurposing garbage into functional river vessels. Going on it's 7th race the Regatta has grown into it's own little armada in the builder community. Each year we seek to engage the community with Kc's neglected waterways and show them that fun can be had on these important watersheds. We aim to teach folks how to empower themselves to create beautiful functional vessels out of recyclables and how anyone can have a boat of there very own without any cost. The Regatta in the past has taught classes and been involved with Makers faire, Troostfest, and Kc Freeskool as ways to build upon the dialogue with curious sailors. In 2014 I released the TbR Boat Builders Guide that would help answer all of those pesky questions about the physics of boat building and give inspiration for creative design. To find out more information about upcoming regatta's check out trashboat.org

The Cannonball Roarer's are a screening collective serving up the best of underground cinema. The Psychotronic series is devoted to showing a mass collection of off-beat cinema that encompasses- lost classics, trash, occult, foreign, horror, exploitation, experimental, erotica, and action. It is the type of interactive outrageous outsider programming that your community has been dieing for. Our goal is to expose our community to films that they may not have the chance to see otherwise due to rarity or archiving onto modern formats. Growing the culture of enthusiast who love underground cinema and the dialogue that it creates within your everyday reality.
Find out more on Vimeo -- on the the web -- Vacant Farm

Kc Free Skool Lecture-   History of Blue Cinema

The talk that you've always been curious about! A survey of the history of American blue cinema explained unlike ever before. Starting with the birth of film, smut has always been apart of the human kind appetite. From the great Georges Melies groundbreaking 1897 short After the Ball to the death of an industry and start of home video and the amateur reign. The talk covered the classics, the revolutionary, to the weird, and the bizarre! With walk away film recommendation zines and the best of pornographic soundtracks. Learn more about KC Free Skool