Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Devil Blues-part 3

The Devil Blues
This tale centers ‘round the sly tramp Murdok Blu. Living in Louisiana in the early 1920’s, Murdok is a quick-witted con artist with a talent of having trouble following him where he goes. At the age of 15 Murdok Blu and his brother Issac Blu are sent to live with their godmother, Mindy, after their mother’s death. During this time Murdok and Issak get into all sorts of trouble, making it hard for their godmother to keep an eye on ‘em. When Mindy went out, the two boys wondered into the forbidden swamps behind their home. She warned them that bayous are filled with malevolent magic and many who walked in never walked out. But the Blu brothers were constantly looking for adventure, and do not run when they witness an old man selling his soul to the Devil. Murdok demands that the Devil prove his identity by bringing back sands from a far away land. He reasons that he’d be interested in selling his soul with reasonable evidence. Murdok then suggests to the Devil that he could travel faster if he only left his heavy bag. The Devil lay down his parcel, disappearing in a flash. Murdok looks inside the Devil’s contract satchel and finds a small glowing orb and instinctively pockets it. Once home Murdok accidentally breaks the orb and all the swirling light goes into him, merging with fibers of his soul. The Devil returns to find the brothers have tricked him out of his orb and without the charm he is unable to manipulate the souls of the living. To the Devil's dismay he discovers that Murdok Blu has fused with his charm and he is powerless to harm him. Out of vengeance, he attacks and kills Issak taking him in Murdoks place. Murdok Blu disappears, on the run from the Devil and the law for 6 years, until he returns with a newfound purpose. He requires the help from his old friends the Whiskey Kicker gang in order to find the pieces of an ancient artifact, the Enfer la Bas, in order enter into Hell to save his brother. Blu convinces the gang that they’re going after an extremely valuable artifact that will make them all rich beyond there wildest dreams - keeping secret his true intentions. The Whiskey Kicker gang lead by Murdok Blu travel throughout the deep south looking for the pieces of the Enfer la Bas. Along the way they must do pull off high timing schemes, heists, and cons all in return for information on the where abouts of pieces. All the while the Devil is hot on Murdok’s tail.

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