Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Devil Blues- Characters

BlackJack Davy:
BlackJack is Murdok’s closest partner and friend. He is quite the opposite of Murdok Blu and is nervous and unconfident most of the time. BlackJack tries to live a respectable life until Murdok comes back into the picture and entices him with the chance to be rich. He always wanted to open his own gambling house and with that money he would finally be able to. In the Whiskey Kicker Gang he is the brains behind their heists. He is hesitant and doubts most plans but when it comes to blackjack he feels alive almost becoming a different person. During blackjack he is confident and uses his head to count cards while confusing other players because he appears inexperienced.
Johnny Teal:
Johnny Teal is the youngest member of the Whiskey Kicker Gang and looks up to Murdok Blu the most. Johnny is jealous wishing that he could be the leader of the gang and often takes on too much to handle. Thus Murdok Blu has to save him time and time again. He’s a scrappy ladies man and is good at getting into trouble with important people that want him dead. He is a poor boy with a cocky swagger with a habit for disrespecting people of authority. His purpose for being in with the Whiskey Kickers is making a name for himself, loving the excitement, and he would like to be rich. Johnny though is not always trustworthy to the gang and when jobs go down hill he wants out to save his own skin. Even though Johnny Teal is cowardly he means well and his guilt always gets the better of him.
Miss Violet Rubelená:
Violet is the glue that holds the gang together. She is strong and seductive with her feminine charm. She is able to control the boys in the gang and is able to sneak of any dangerous situations. She is glamorous and a dream of being a Hollywood star but has neither the money nor courage to set out west on her own. Violet is convinced by Murdok into helping the gang by promising her that with the money they’ll make by finding the artifact she’ll be able to afford to go west. Violet is good at problem solving and getting the gang out of rough predicaments by using her sexual charm. She enjoys flirting with wealthy men and then stripping them of their power. Yet she has a soft spot in her heart for Johnny Teal and BlackJack Davy.
Cleme-Tine Moonshine:
Cleme makes the best moonshine during this time of prohibition supplying the entire state of Louisiana. She is proud of that fact and doesn’t let anyone stop her business. Her and Bud are very close and both work great together. Cleme was very close with Jeremiah and was heartbroken to see him leave this world. Bud now tries to fill in his boots. Johnny Teal is Cleme-Tine’s son and she disapproves of his rambunctious lifestyle. She always plays hard to get making Johnny work for his mother’s approval. Cleme is tough as nails being tougher then most of the men of her day. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or fight for what she thinks is right. Cleme has a sassy charm about her and always distills wisdom upon the gang. She is superstitious and is able to sense spiritual aura and knows that something is wrong with Murdok Blu even when no one else knows what he’s gotten himself into.
Bootlegging Bud Bigfred:
Bud is a big older man with a loud mouth. He is strong headed and enthusiastic about his job to the point that its alarming. Bud is the bootlegger for Cleme-tine Moonshine and takes pride that he is the fastest bootlegger in entire delta South region. He is educated in knowing all of the illegal going ons in the underground world. Bud puts off the appearance of being hard and tough guy however he is really a big softy underneath it all. He is hard on the boys in trying to whip them into shape but he is sweet on the ladies especially Clemey. Bootlegging Bud trains the young bootlegger, Krisey, in order to replace his old partner, Jeremiah, who was killed by their rival gang the Dollar Bill Broncos. Bud is muscle bound with a strong sense of gentlemen’s honor and plays a father figure to the gang.

Here is the summary of the story:
The thief Murdok Blu steals the Devil’s charm causing him to be connected with the spirit realm, giving him the Devil’s gift of reading weaknesses and exploiting them. Without his charm the Devil cannot steal peoples souls. His fury over losing this power inspires revenge and he kills Murdok’s brother Isaac Blu. Murdok Blu is forced to run from the Devil and discovers that he can save his brother from hell if he finds and reassembles the pieces of the artifact, Enfer la Bas. Murdok Blu enlists the help of his the Whiskey Kickers gang and together they travel around the South, pulling heists and odd jobs in order to collect the pieces. The Whiskey Kickers dup corrupt wealthy men out of their money and artifact pieces while on the run from the law, rival gangs, and the Devil himself. The pressure is on Murdok Blu to assemble the Enfer la Bas, enter into Hell, and finally save his brother from the Devil’s grasp.

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