Monday, February 22, 2010

Group Project- Pre Production Animatics

"Back Alley Gamble" is my groups first animatic including two alter ego characters. Hector, an goofy mob boss and my character sly Murdok Blu. In this production my job was as a character animator, animating my own character, I decided to focused on my expressions and posing. Requirements one week time and a scene that begins inside and ends outside. BackAlley Gamble from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Our second animatic went in a strange direction in terms of story. We had three weeks to complete an animatic for a short film (4-7min) using the same alter ego characters. In this production I was the cinematographer, Jack's animator for scene 01, and picked up any lose jobs that needed done as well. So here it is for your enjoyment in all of its glory, "Paradies Island."
Paradies Island from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.

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