Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maxwell Danger

"The Evil Baron Von Rotenfield's Lair of Doom" is a small After Effects film to exercise using 3D space. The short is created as a pop up book that tells the story of a James Bond esc character, Maxwell Danger, saving the lovely Charlotte LaRue from the clutches of the evil Baron Von Rotenfield.

ill' work!

Up above is a piece I created for an expressive drawing class for the "pack it all in" assignment. We were given a criteria of items that had to be present within our piece and then allowed to compose it in whatever context and way we wanted. I chose to create an image with a multitude of emotions and images so that the piece well keep surprising the viewer with a new experience every time. The scene is that of a complex narrative where disaster and superstition are abundant all around. Medium used: Ink on illustration board with a water color wash.
Recital poster for Jenna Dalbey's 2009 Masters recital at Gildenhorn Recital Hall.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Illustration Academy

These are a couple other pieces from the Illustration Academy summer '09.
-"Lost Boys" is my piece created for C.F Payne's assignment of illustrating a conversation. It is made with gouache on illustration board.
-"Rumble" is the piece I created for Gary Kelley's Seven Deadly Sin project. The sin I was given was 'anger' and what a better way to portray it then to give homage to The Warriors and The Outsiders. Medium used Ink and water color on board.
-"The Track" was the first assignment given in which you were supposed to portray a slice of life in Sarasota, FL. So obviously the grey hound track was a must see. Medium- acrylic on cut paper.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Group Project- Pre Production Animatics

"Back Alley Gamble" is my groups first animatic including two alter ego characters. Hector, an goofy mob boss and my character sly Murdok Blu. In this production my job was as a character animator, animating my own character, I decided to focused on my expressions and posing. Requirements one week time and a scene that begins inside and ends outside. BackAlley Gamble from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Our second animatic went in a strange direction in terms of story. We had three weeks to complete an animatic for a short film (4-7min) using the same alter ego characters. In this production I was the cinematographer, Jack's animator for scene 01, and picked up any lose jobs that needed done as well. So here it is for your enjoyment in all of its glory, "Paradies Island."
Paradies Island from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.

Print & Figures

 Life drawing from '09
An etching with aquatint based upon a tale from 1001 Arabian Nights "The Fisherman and the Demon."

Trouble in the Jungle

Trouble in the Jungle from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.

One week production- Trouble in the Jungle.
First attempt at digital puppets in After Effects. My focus was on timing and getting used to working with the digital figures. 

Boatman Test & Lip Sync

boatman test from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.

This film was my first try at digitally inking and painting an animation with the production time of 2 weeks. I tried my hand at incorporating photo collage with 2D hand drawn animation, with a focus on facial acting.     LipSync from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Here is my first try at lip sync and my tribute to John K. The sound clip is from the film "The Fifth Element" and the animation was made using Flash.

Black Out- Sophomore final

BlackOut from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo. 
My 2nd semester sophomore final about the struggle between two shadows trying to destroy the sun, a compound of light, in order to reclaim the darkness. Music by Justice.


Taurusfrom Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Animated completely under the camera by using black matte board and pastels and whipping away each image. The film is about the transference of energy from one life form to another.


Lustfrom Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Another week long assignment in which we had to translate an emotion to the viewer without the use of the human figure and incorporate music that helped to amplify the emotion.


MemoryLoss from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
A week long animation project dealing with 'memory' I choose to experiment using cut out paper and doing all the animating and camera movement under the camera.

Dreaming of Icarus

Dreaming of Icarus from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
A week long assinment based upon the subject of 'dreams.' My goal for this animation was to use a continuous shot without any cuts and focus on visual transitions. I focused on universal fears within dreams that humans suffer from under stress.

Creature Feature

   Creature Feature from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Hello friends I hope you enjoy my first semester sophomore final film, 'Creature Feature!' I animated it all hand drawn and on one layer. It was a 5 week assignment in which you could choose whatever you wished to do as long as you included all of the fundamental rules of animation. I chose to focus on a fun little monster with a curious touch....

Rhythm (Ballad of the Bug Man)

    Balladof the Bug Man from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
My goal was to create a rhythm within my animation by using quick cuts and disorienting imagery. By viewing this film you should get some since of a rhythm pattern or beat.


Metamorphosis from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
A project from my first semester sophomore year we were given 2 weeks to do a metamorphosing animation needless to say it was tons of fun and a great way to experiment with movement.


    Element Animation from Jaclyn Dalbey on Vimeo.
Here is taking a swing at element animation the first project of experimental animation semester, with only a week to complete it in. I enjoyed working with water the most getting to throw a little character into the mix.